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GLEN OAKS, A Private Residental Community
Dear Neighbors:

I would like to thank all the neighbors who participated in the Glen Oaks Homeowner's Association 2018 Christmas
estimate that there were approximately twice as many homes decorated this year than in recent years.  The
competition was really fierce.  The first vote yielded a 4 way tie for first place.  It forced the judges to go back
and do a second vote.  

I would like to thank the 6 board members who participated in the judging and voting process.  This was not an easy
task and each of them gave it their best.   I would also like to thank the homeowners of Glen Oaks, active as well
as passive members, for all of their hard work.  The displays were creative, original, extravagant and delightful to
view.  We absolutely were impressed.  I encourage everyone to take the time to drive through Glen Oaks to see
these wonderful decorations.


1st Place       423 Woodland, West Drive
2nd Place      307 Maple Court   (3rd Place, 2017)
3rd Place      423 Woodland, East Drive


902 Oak Court          (1st Place - 2017)
411 Hickory Drive
509 Oak Blvd, South
406 Hickory Drive     (2nd Place, 2017)
416 Woodland, West
326 Woodland, West
300 Woodland, West
407 Woodland, East
408 Woodland, East
321 Hickory Court
810 Oak Court
108 Oak Blvd, South
332 Hickory Drive

Congratulations to all.  Good job.  We hope to see you all back next year!

Kathy Hill Groves
President, Glen Oaks Assoc., Inc.