GLEN OAKS, A Private Residental Community

As a child, I remember having dreams of becoming a policeman, a
fireman and a cowboy.  I have been fortunate to have fulfilled two
of my dreams and have spent over 40 years in public service with
the Marion County Sheriff’s Department for 15 years and the
Lawrence Township Fire Department for 27 years.  I think there
may still be time to pursue being a cowboy, if I play my cards right.

During my time in public service, one of the most frustrating
elements I had to deal with was responding to emergencies at an
address that I could not find.  Whether as a police officer
responding to a burglary in progress, or as a firefighter responding
to a sick or injured person, not being able to locate the emergency
was not acceptable.  It is not just a matter of inconvenience but too
often, it is a matter of life or death. Statistically, as much as 40% of
emergency responses involve difficulty in locating the address.  

All too often, the address has become blurred with age, faded from
sun bleaching, too small to be viewed from the street, not visible
from both directions or some numbers in the sequence of the
address are missing.  It is equally as important for the address to
appear in the same place on all houses. It is an easy task if the
neighborhood has street mailboxes such as in Glen Oaks. Emergency
responders as well as the postal service, delivery services or anyone
you are expecting to arrive at your home, after giving them your
address, they look for you by the numbers on your mailbox.  

For convenience, the Buck Creek Township Fire Department offers
the very visible green address placards that attach to your mailbox
post for $15.00.  They are designed to be visible from both sides.
The order forms for these placards are available on the web site,  Which ever method you choose to
utilize, get your number on your box....your life could depend on it.  

Rick Groves